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Get In Shape With One Of Our Expert Trainers.
Cheetah Gym has compeitive rates for personal training in the Chicago metro area. We offer four levels of trainers to assist members in reaching their goals. All of our trainers are nationally certified, experienced professionals who are continually engaging in continuing education workshops and conferences to further their training, knowledge and expertise. For more information about Personal Training contact our Personal Training Director, Angie Frank.

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Team Training
$65: 1hr Session | $375: 6-Pack | $719: 12-Pack

Advanced Training
$75: 1hr Session | $435: 6-Pack | $839: 12-Pack

Master Training
$85: 1hr Session | $495: 6-Pack | $959: 12-Pack

Elite Training
$95: 1hr Session | $555: 6-Pack | $1079: 12-Pack

Tandem Training (2 members & 1 trainer at the same time)
Team: $95/1hr | Advanced: $105/1hr | Master: $115/1hr | Elite: $125/1hr


Specialized Experienced Training.
Seek professional advice from a personal trainer with experience of exercise prescription for pre- and post-natal women. You should feel comfortable to discuss any concerns you may have about exercising. With so many physical changes happening to you, you are likely to have an enhanced awareness of your body and it is important to be guided by how you feel. Our trainers are here to help ensure that the exercises you do are appropriate at each stage of your pregnancy. After giving birth you may also benefit from increased levels of energy and confidence as psychologically you will be regaining control over your body. Furthermore, you will be less likely to suffer muscular tension, aches, poor posture, and circulatory problems!

Introductory Package: $149

$79: 1hr Session | $230: 3-Pack | $440: 6-Pack | $639: 9-Pack


Your approach to nutrition? In a word, individualized.
  No one “diet” is appropriate for everyone. Heather will work with you to come up with lifestyle changes that are appropriate for your needs and goals. This might be some slight tweaks to your diet, or a complete overhaul of your eating and health habits. Short and long-term realistic goal-setting; depending on your needs, strategies to eating healthier,  cooking tips/recipes, kitchen make-over, food tracking, designing specific diet protocols, supplementation, and blood and/or genetic testing.

One Session - $89, Three Sessions - $249


Increase strength, improve flexibility, relieve pain and much more.
Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, or train for an event or sport, pilates training can help you achieve your goals while seeing and feeling results. We offer you a specialized fitness consultation to help determine your current fitness levels, so you can train in the most effective way.

Cheetah Members get reduced rates on all training packages or choose
3 private training sessions for $99 (first time clients, restrictions apply).
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